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Innovation in smart cities and business sustainability

CSV Smart consulting

We are a Consultancy with a vocation for service. We believe in a Sustainable and Smart world and we work with this objective. To our clients, Administrations and Companies, we offer a service model that aims to transform Organizations and Cities. We are working towards a 5.0 horizon, with a more sustainable country, focused on people, that fosters a digital and competitive industry, the result of which is more technological, smart and efficient infrastructures.


We have flexible and multidisciplinary works teams that adapt to our clients in order to find solutions to any difficulty or challenge. We strive for excellence in our work to achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction. Our strategic alliances allow us to offer innovative services in any field. We are Smart and we work Smart.


We collaborate so that Companies adapt to current sustainability needs and anticipate the future, reconciling the social, economic and environmental spheres. We provide Smart solutions to cover these strategic areas.


We are aligned with the SDGs and their Agenda. Also with ESG criteria and its relationship with stakeholders. We incorporate into our values ​​and work any directive or regulation that promotes environmental, social and economic improvement of Organizations and Cities.


We were born in Barcelona, our space is the world, we do not set limits, we evolve according to the market and the needs of our clients.