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Smart consulting

Companies & public administrations


We accompany Administrations to become Smart Cities and Territories, seeking a healthier and more ecological environment for their citizens.

Smart enviroment:
Smart mobility:
Smart governance:
Smart economy:
Smart people:
Smart living:

Urban Environment, Waste Management, Energy and Water. Accessibility, Road Infrastructures, Urban Transport and traffic, TIC Connectivity and Parking. Geographic information of the City, Digital Administration, Strategic Planning, Transparency and Participation. Tourism, Consumption, Digital Company, Commerce and Business, Innovation Ecosystems, Employment and Entrepreneurship. Citizen Collaboration and Digital Inclusion. Health, Education, Culture and Leisure, Social Affairs, Security and Emergencies, Urban Planning and Housing, Public Infrastructures and Urban Equipment.  

Types of services:

To the City: Infrastructures or Services for the City as a whole and its public spaces (improvement and management of the same) Attention and relationship with citizens: Facilitate the interaction of citizens and companies with the Local Administration and Municipal Services. Support for a Smart City: Assets, Resources or Services that simulate the development of a Smart City.  

Services to Companies

We help Companies to actively contribute to social, economic and environmental improvement.

GOVERNMENT: Social Responsibility Policy, Code of Conduct, Social Responsibility Committee, Risk Management, Social Responsibility Plan, Relationship with Stakeholders, Anticorruption Policy, Internal Audit, Management Review and continuous improvement, Disclosure and Nonfinancial Information.

PEOPLE WHO MAKE UP THE ORGANIZATION: Human Rights, Equal Opportunities and Nondiscrimination, Management of Diversity and Inclusion, Reconciliation a personal, family and work life, Design and Structure of the Organization, Monitoring of the Work Climate, Health and Well-being at Work , Training and Promotion of employability, Responsible restructuring.

CLIENTS: Responsible Innovation, Quality and Excellence, Responsible Information on Products and Services, Access to Products and Services, Responsible Advertising and Marketing, Responsible Consumption.

SUPPLIERS AND SUPPLY CHAIN: Responsible Procurement, Evaluation Systems, Supplier Homologation, Promotion of good practices and support and improvement measures.

SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT AND IMPACT ON THE COMMUNITY: Measurement and Evaluation of social impact, Investment in the Community.

ENVIRONMENTAL ENVIRONMENT: Identification of Environmental Activities and Impacts, Environmental Management Program, Environmental Risks Plan, Strategies for Climate Change.

INVESTORS: Good Governance, Property and Management, Information Transparency.

COMPETITION: Fair Competition, Cooperation and Alliances.

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONS: Compliance with Legislation and Regulations, Responsible Taxation, Collaboration and Public or Private Partnerships.

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Collaboration projects in smart cities