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We accompany the Companies to achieve a balance between the economic, the social and the environmental. Our tool to evaluate the level of Sustainability of a Company allows us to make a quick and effective diagnosis of its status. The Sustainability Reports that we produce conform to the international standards recognized by the organizations. We seek innovative, efficient and sustainable proposals in the face of the challenges of the Organizations, and we propose effective solutions to any problem.


Our consulting services aim to help Public Administrations to become “Smart Cities”. We use shared intelligence and key actions to achieve smart cities and territories. We work to achieve a more sustainable world where future generations can live together in healthier and more ecological spaces, taking full advantage of technological advances.



We work to help create a lasting, energy efficient and environmentally responsible social model.


Our services have to be technologically efficient.


The services we offer seek to promote the creation of an ecological culture in citizens.


We facilitate social action for disadvantaged groups. We seek equal opportunities by collaborating with Foundations for the development of joint projects.


Our work processes demand the highest rigor from all our staff, we strive for strict compliance with all current regulations to lead to services of the highest quality.


Help understand the sustainable challenges of Organizations.
Help to know how the Organizations are in sustainability.
Help establish a sustainability strategy for Organizations.
Help innovate and develop the Organization’s business from sustainability.

Help create a sustainable culture within the Organization.

Help improve the efficiency and sustainability of the operations carried out by the Organizations.

Help communicate the Organization’s sustainable strategy to its stakeholders.



Francesc Casas

Founding Partner

Graduated in Law, Postgraduate in Financial Management, training in Management and Sustainability from IESE and COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY. Business mentor and entrepreneur in different projects. He has extensive professional experience as a Lawyer and Manager in SMEs and Multinationals. He also knows the Latam market in depth. Dedicated in recent years to improving the environment, he is an expert in Sustainability, Smart Cities and Circular Economy. He is the CEO of CSV FORUM CONSULTING.


Ignasi Sayol

Founding Partner

Electronic and Telecommunications Engineer. International MBA by Salle University, PDD by Instituto de Empresa and PDG by IESE. He has developed his professional career in multinationals such as SITA, BULL and British Telecom. He has been General Director of Operations and shareholder of CTC Externalización S.L. He is currently an entrepreneur in the Logistics and new technologies sector. He is an expert in the problem of operations management, logistics infrastructure, process outsourcing, innovation, new technologies and entrepreneurship.