What is bgreenly?

CSV GREEN represents the BGreenly brand in Spain in all its areas of certification.

B Greenly is an International Organization dedicated to Sustainability. Its main activity is Sustainable Certification.

Through its own evaluation system, technologically advanced and intelligent, it audits and analyzes a multitude of parameters corresponding to the economic, social and environmental fields to know the real state of a Company or Organization in relation to its level of Sustainability. It also analyzes parameters related to corporate governance to verify their involvement in Sustainability Policies.

Once the analysis has been carried out, the results are evaluated as a percentage to check if the minimum required to obtain the B Greenly Certification has been exceeded.

BGREENLY certifies different areas


Certificate that certifies that a Company, Organization or Administration has exceeded the minimum criteria required in the social, economic and environmental fields to be considered as Sustainable.


Certificate that certifies that an Event, of any type, has exceeded the minimum requirements required to be considered as Sustainable. The evaluation analyzes Good Practices, Good Uses, Carbon Footprint and Communication Policy.


Certificate that certifies that a product or service has exceeded the minimum parameters required to be considered Sustainable. The entire life cycle of a product or service is analyzed, the chain includes from the origin of the material to delivery to the customer, from parameters linked to Sustainability.

B Greenly donates a portion of its profits to various World Organizations dedicated to preserving the environment and social assistance programs.

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