Corporate Sustainability

We accompany Companies and Organizations in their transformation towards Sustainability through Smart strategies.

– Audits and Sustainability Reports
– Non-Financial Information Statements (EINF)
– Sustainability Reports
– Sustainability Master Plans
– ESG Strategies and Policies
– SDG integration plans
– Verification of Sustainability Reports and EINF
– Partial plans and concrete sustainability actions
– Analysis of materiality and double materiality
– Custom Projects

Corporate Training

We help Companies and Organizations by training their teams in Sustainability.

– Sustainability training programs
– Sustainable gamification
– Sustainability workshops

Transactions and Finance

We accompany our clients to a new financial approach.

– Application of the European Taxonomy Regulation for sustainable finance (Green Taxonomy)
– Application of the European Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)
– Advice on transactions and sustainable finance

Carbon Management

We help the economic activity generated by Companies and Organizations to generate the least possible impact on the environment.

– Carbon footprint calculation
– Carbon footprint certification
– Carbon footprint compensation

Circular Economy and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

We collaborate in the development of products with greater environmental efficiency.

– Subject analysis
– Product sustainability assessment
– Product life cycle analysis

Sustainable Cities and Territories

We collaborate with the Administrations so that every day there are more Smart Cities and Smart Territories.

– Advice on urban mobility
– Advice on urban waste
– Advice on energy efficiency
– Advice on generation of sustainable culture


We accompany Companies, Organizations and Administrations in their Sustainability communication policies.

– Focus group with interest groups
– Communication plans on Sustainability
– Communication strategies on Sustainability


Strategy and Governance

We seek to generate a sustainable culture in corporate governments so that their Organizations are more efficient and sustainable.

Transactions and Finance

We advise on new financial approaches, aligning the recent European financial regulations with the basic principles of sustainability.

Cities and Territories

We accompany the Administrations in their efforts to create Smart Cities and Smart Territories. We combine the latest technology with the search for spaces that reconcile economic, social and environmental aspects.

Sustainable Products and Services

· We help to create more sustainable products and services.

· We advise to make the production chain more sustainable.

Brand and Communication

We help our clients to improve results through brand strategies and communication policies.

Education and culture

We help to generate a culture of sustainability in Organizations and we promote education through Smart methods.


Our work methodology has three interrelated phases, for us each of them has the same importance. We approach the case of each client starting from the CSV System and we adjust which scopes, parameters and metrics are appropriate to the needs of our client’s case.

Evaluation and Analysis
Solution Search
Implantation Method


We evaluate all the variables that can be considered in each case. For us, each client is a different case, therefore, in each case we work according to their needs. Our information and knowledge base is based on metrics and parameters established by the main global players in terms of Sustainability.


We provide efficient and effective solutions, with the aim that they are realistic in time and cost for the benefit of our clients.


We help to implement our solutions with different forms of collaboration, from advising or preparing a Strategic Sustainability Plan to outsourcing a Sustainability department.

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